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A Cenote (from the Yucatec ts’onot) is a sink hole, or a service entrance to an underground water system. They are a communal place to gather fresh water, take shelter and hold ceremonies.

Enter our urban Cenote, where just down the stairs you’ll find cold beer, refined cocktails, and an eclectic community.


"Best bar in Victoria. Their new cocktail menu is amazing and the atmosphere is my favourite in Victoria. Eat great food, enjoy friendly staff and drink amazing cocktails crafted by the best bartenders on Vancouver Island."


"Cenote is a great place to hang out with friends! The cocktails are awesome. Both bartenders won Negroni competitions, so the cocktails they create will not disappoint you! The food is very good as well, highly recommended!"


"I had the opportunity to experience Cenote last night. From start to finish this place is on point. The menu, cocktails, dinner, service and atmosphere were excellent. Dress up or dress down, on a date or with friends. Love it here!"


Once, we were a beer hall for University Students...

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